Other Metal Powders

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Other Metal Powders:

In addition, there are many other methods to produce the required, high-quality metal powders for different applications, such as water atomization, centrifugal atomization, mechanical crushing, chemical reduction method, electrolytic method, carbonyl decomposition, RF plasma spheroidization, etc.
For different applications, the produced metal powders are required to have the different chemical and physical characteristics.

Chemical Composition (wt%)
Grades W WC Cr Fe C Co B Si Ni Cu Mo
WC01 Bal 3.8-4.2
WC050 Bal 6.13-6.18
WC-Co Bal 4.8-5.7 16.0-18.0
WC-Co-Cr Bal 3.5-4.5 5-5.8 9.0-11.0
WC10%-Ni60AA 8.0-12.0 17.0-20.0 1.0-1.5 2.0-3.0 4.0-5.0 Bal
WC-Ni50 47.5-48.5 1.9-2.4 Bal 9.0-11.0
Pure Cr 99.9min
Pure Co 99.0max
Pure Mo 99.9min
DAP100.29D2 Bal 3.8-4.2 1.6-1.9 0.50-0.70
LAP100.29DNi4 Bal 3.65-4.35
LAP100.29 Bal
JCF1 98.0min
JCF2 99.5min
STI-Cr200 99.0min
STI-FTD-3 99.7min
STI-Mo-1 99.5min
STI-FNiT24 99.8min
Sn Powder Sn99.9min
Bro–S10 Cu90Sn10
Bro-S20 Cu80Sn20
Ni-GB0081R Ni99.0min
Y2O3 TREO 99.0MIN 、 Y2O3/TREO99.9min / Loss on ignition of 1000°Cx1Hr:1.0max
SiO2 Coated Aluminum Silver powder Solid content 99.0%min
Flake Aluminum Powder Water Covering 15000-40000cm²/g±10%
Customized WC-WB-CoNiCr,WC-Ni-Cr,WC-Co-Cr-Ni,WC-Ni35,WC-Ni12,etc
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