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PREP Other Metallic Powders

Additive Manufacturing 
Other Metallic Powder 
GradesChemical Composition, wt%Particle Size Grades
Pure CuCu 99.9minAs 0.002max15-53μm
Bi 0.001maxFe 0.005max
Sb 0.002maxPb 0.005max
S 0.005max 
Pure CrCr 99.9minC 0.01max15-53μm
Fe 0.05maxPb 0.005max
Si 0.03maxO 0.08max
Al 0.03maxSn 0.005max
Cu 0.015maxBi 0.005max
Pure NiNi 99.9minCu 0.05max15-53μm
Si 0.03maxFe 0.01max
P 0.015maxCu 0.05max
S 0.015maxSn 0.005max
C 0.015maxBi 0.005max
Customized: Pure Mn, Pure Co, Pure Au, Pure Ag, etc
We also provide the tailored production of spherical powders of other electric-conductive metals or alloys by PREP method in case that the customer provides the bars or rods.

Other Metallic Powders Applications

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Shanghai Truer Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and created the additive manufacturing business in 2019, which is dedicated to building integrating 3D printing powder making equipment and services, high quality 3D printing powders to help engineering applications of additive manufacturing.

The company not only provides professional selective electron beam melting (SEBM) technology and equipment, but also plasma rotating electrode process powder making (PREP) technology and equipment. We also have various grades of spherical metal powders, including TiNi, TiTa, TiAl, TiNbZr, CoCrMo and so on.

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