Fluorescent Calcium Fluoride(98-99.5%)

Fluorite, also known as fluorite, is a common halide mineral that is a compound that is composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2), an important mineral in the extraction of fluorine. Fluorite comes in many colors and can also be transparent and colorless. Transparent and colorless fluorite can be used to make special optical lenses. There are many uses of fluorite, such as steel, aluminum production as a melting agent, used in the manufacture of opal glass, enamel products, high octane fuel production in the catalyst, and so on. Fluorite is generally granular or lumpy, with a glassy luster, green or purple for more.
Shape: powder, granular, bagged finished.

Fluorescent Calcium Fluoride Features

Calcium fluoride is a new type of electro-optical raw material, mainly used as the main raw material for the production of fluorine and fluoride. It can be used directly as the main material of phosphors such as fluorescent screen, fluorescent lamp, and the aluminum casting industry. Calcium fluoride toothpaste, optical instruments, optical glass, and other optical instrument industries that require high purity of calcium fluoride, and also the main material of single crystal of optical instruments such as infrared light collection system, optical lens, and rectifier.

CaF2 98-99.5 %
Moisture0.35 %
ColorGreen, blue, brown, yellow, pink, purple, colorless, etc.
Melting point1270-1350 (°C)
Heavy metals≤0.003%
Average particle size5-30μm
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