MnS powder

MnS Product Features

MnS is a special cutting agent for powder metallurgy parts. Due to characteristics such as dry state machining and intermittent impact on the cutting edge, the tool life of powder metallurgy parts is significantly increased during machining.
Molybdenum disulfide is uniquely designed for solid-state lubrication and chip breakage to extend tool life several times over. Where the product allows for the presence of sulfur, this manganese sulfide will be the first choice and is extremely cost-effective

Uniform Particle Size

The product is chemically stable and resistant to a high temperature above 1200℃; the sintering process will not produce a chemical reaction with the sintering atmosphere and the surrounding matrix, thus ensuring the cutting performance after sintering.

Good Dispersion

The cutting agent is easily and evenly dispersed into the powder to ensure stable and consistent cutting results in all areas.

Dimensional Stability

The cutting agent has little effect on the dimensional changes of the sintered parts, which helps to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the product.

Surface Cleanliness

Sintered parts have a clean, shiny appearance and will not produce additional spots, which can lead to rusting.

High Purity
Product purity is very high.

Product Description
Fine granularity, green powder.

Product Specification
Control indicators Norm             
Heat loss Max 0.8%     
Particle size D90 < 10microns  
Active ingredient content >99% 
Loose density >2.5g/cm³ 

Storage Conditions
Humidity control and temperature control (humidity below 60%, the temperature below 40°C),
sealed after use to prevent open placement, used within six months.
Recommended for mixing
1. The weight percentage is between 0.4~0.5.     
2. Weighing in a closed environment, suitable for double cone and V type mixer.

Packing and Transportation
1. packaging: 25kg net weight in plastic or iron drums, polyethylene moisture-proof inner bag.
2. transportation: non-dangerous goods, suitable for normal land, sea, and air transportation.

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